Food and Health

Food happens in the background and in the forefront. It touches every part of our lives, affects every part of ...
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“Love takes off the masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within. I use ...
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5 Tools to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is common and on the rise. It can be situational or constant, and what is often misunderstood is how ...
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Mood Stability

Mood changes and fluctuations are not only common but healthy and normal. It would be unusual for us to not ...
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Today, toward the end of my meditation, I started to cry, tears upon tears of gratitude. Grateful for my breath, ...
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Supporting Immune Health

To Our Tribe, In light of all that is underway, I have endeavored to assemble all the best pillars and ...
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Remembering Love

This week we have a day designated for remembering and acknowledging love. For some clients I talk to, they are ...
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Digital Detox

I took a vacation in the fall of last year and made a commitment to not work at all, and ...
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Cold Season

Winter often brings with it the seasonal cold or flu, and this year has been no exception. After amazing times ...
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A Decade in Review

Every year end, I have a practice of writing a reflection of the year. My birthday happens to come early ...
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Simple steps to jump start your day

We all have those mornings when energy is low and motivation is missing. Believe it or not, the solution is ...
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Five Tips to Avoid Constipation

Although not many like to talk about it, constipation is a common problem many people are facing. There are many ...
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What’s In A Label?

With the current demands on most people’s schedules, it is easy to fall into the trap of convenience eating. Eating ...
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Top GMO Food List

This is a limited list of GMO foods from both domestic and international sources. It is non-exhaustive, there are definitely ...
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Palm Spring, CA

Bridgette Becker
Therapeutic Certified Nutrition
Consultant, Yoga Instructor & HHP