Simple steps to jump start your day

We all have those mornings when energy is low and motivation is missing. Believe it or not, the solution is not always to reach for the coffee pot. There are a few easy tricks for lifting your energy and your mood.

  1. Start your day with warm lemon water. This hydrates your body, which actually helps with energy, and gives your liver an early morning boost. Our livers are blood purifiers and detox factories among a myriad of other amazing tasks, but nudging those toxins through in the morning helps start your body off right. Typically we are a little dehydrated in the morning, so get hydrated before putting anything else in your body.
  2. Do some movement first thing in the morning. This can feel like a challenge, but once you start, the energy shows up. Just aim for 10-15 minutes. Go for a walk around your neighborhood, jump on a rebounder, swim a few laps, or even do jumping jacks. A little movement gets your heart rate up, your circulation moving and tells your body to perk up. Exercise also boost serotonin production so it will lift your mood and its one more way to prevent cancer.
  3. Start with gratitude instead of a to do list. This is a game changer! Usually people start their day thinking of all the things that have to get done, all the tasks to be completed. Try starting your day instead, remembering everything you are grateful for. Make a mental list of all the things that nourish and enrich your life. Bring that energy to your day, decide to be grateful as you move through everything that needs to be accomplished. Smile a bit more, pause and take in the moments.
  4. Reach for something green. Most people reach for a cup of coffee in the morning and it is truly incredible how great it can make you feel to reach for a green juice or smoothie instead. Admittedly, not all green juices are created equal when it comes to this. Homemade green smoothies can give you a great boost or green juices made fresh through a juicer. Pre-bottled green juices don’t usually charge your energy in the same way. Head over to our recipes for some smoothie ideas, and if you’re in the mood for something warm, try the morning elixir!
  5. Eat within an hour of being awake. This nourishes the thyroid and adrenals, glands which we routinely overwork and tire out. Including protein, fat, fiber and green in this early morning meal, also sets up blood sugar stability for the day. It is so much nicer to have steady energy throughout the day, then the highs and lows that happen when we are out of balance.

There are always big changes we can make toward improving our health, but often the small ones are easier to adopt and more sustainable in the long run. Hope these brighten up your morning routine and add some energy to your day.

To your health!!