Bridgette is an excellent nutrition educator and consultant. I cannot think of a better person to learn from and see to support both specific health challenges and general wellness. She has a wonderful ability to share her knowledge and passion in an inspiring, easy-to-follow and gentle way. I feel healthier and more energized as I continue to follow her recommendations to include certain ingredients, supplements and recipes into my daily routine. My family members are also feeling much better and have completely healed some previously chronic digestive and health issues. She is also an incredible yoga teacher with a big heart. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to practice with her. She infuses classes with warmth and wisdom, including her vast knowledge of alignment and the body. Bridgette creates a welcoming space to connect and practice in a meaningful, therapeutic way.


Bridgette is a powerful and passionate force in the wellness community. She shares her knowledge in a way that is comprehensive, nonjudgmental and individually adaptable. My own path in life has been positively changed by her and her expertise.


Founder and Director, About Families

You meet people in this life whom you feel were sent to you, to help you find and be your better self. For me, one of those people is Bridgette Becker. We met at We Care many years ago and it was love at first sight - I loved her non-stop smile, her patience in the face of challenging situations, her knowledge, humor and humility. I loved her bravery and her deep love for the beings in her orbit - whether that be her adored children or her adoring clients. When I think of Bridgette, the word grace is stamped across my mind and heart.


Bridgette has made living a healthy lifestyle s-e-x-y and desirable. She is a wealth of knowledge and experience, but importantly also, always a student of her endeavors. She is open to and wants to know and learn more about the fields she is already considered an expert - yoga, digestive health and nutrition. This is one of the qualities that makes her so valuable as a teacher, you can trust that if she learns something new or different, she is going to tell you.


"My life is fuller, healthier and happier for having her in it. I am grateful to be in her orbit.


CEO, TPN Retail

Bridgette is an authority on nutrition, health and wellness. She is dedicated to her clients optimum level of wellness and will stop at nothing less.Bridgette customizes a plan specific to each client. She provides dramatic improvements in well-being. Anyone who has a consultation with her is extremely fortunate. your health will never be the same.


Bridgette provides great, tailored information about healing, health, and nutrition. She helped me heal my gut, and guided me to much better eating (and elimination) habits. I learned to focus on health, rather than weight or calories, and as a result I enjoy my food more and have far more consistent energy. I regularly enjoy what we call "Bridgette Bread", her grain-free bread recipe. Because she's also a great yoga teacher, she helped me get over my issues with certain yoga poses - and so now yoga is a regular part of my healthy life routines. She's kind and clear. I am very grateful to have Bridgette as a health coach.

R. D. Johnson, Ph.D.

Professor at UCLA

Bridgette’s level of insight, knowledge and experience she encompasses concerning health is outstanding. Her strong scientific foundation envelops her nutrition and lifestyle programs, which makes it much more plausible and enjoyable to part-take in. Each time I attend Bridgette's classes, I could listen to her for hours and I always learn something valuable to further implement in my life. Bridgette’s knowledge of nutrition, clean foods and recipes, longevity, exercise and disease prevention, surpasses many others in this holistic health field. It’s truly amazing how she is contributing to thousands of people living happier and healthier lives! 

I highly recommend Bridgette and this program!

Tessa Page

CEO United Internet for UNICEF Foundation

I trust in Bridgette Becker for all things nutritional and beyond.  Her knowledge about health and wellness is so broad because she truly looks at the whole person - the importance of not just physical health but emotional health and mental health as well.  She is practical and understands busy lives (even if she doesn't understand my need to have a glass of wine or 2 at night!).  She truly lives what she teaches and is passionate about teaching others about living a healthier lifestyle.  And I just love being around her great karma!

Anne W.

I have known Bridgette for over ten years now and have never encountered anyone as enthusiastic and committed to health as she is. Her whole-hearted conviction that the body can heal itself given the chance and with the right nutrition is immensely inspiring.  Bridgette is a natural, intuitive healer and a great listener. Her way of teaching is gentle and patient yet forceful and effective. She is already creating a legacy as of one of our time's most dynamic and knowledgeable holistic life coaches. With humility yet confidence, she helps our often overstimulated yet nutrient-deficient bodies back into balance through inspired yet practical demonstrations and lectures that make it possible to implement and maintain the necessary changes in our daily lives.

Cecilie H.

Palm Spring, CA

Bridgette Becker
Therapeutic Certified Nutrition
Consultant, Yoga Instructor & HHP