Bridgette Becker is a therapeutic certified nutrition consultant & holistic health practitioner with over 20 years of dynamic experience. She has worked alongside pioneers in the field of nutrition, detoxification and health recovery. Supporting people on their path toward balance and renewed mind-body-spirit health has been her life's work and practice. Bridgette has worked for and triggered community impact internationally, has done nutrition education with challenged school districts and supported countless people in connecting the dots in their own dis-ease to discovery. Meeting people where they are, she charts a practical and attainable course, putting health within reach and providing the tools to maintain it.

Bridgette lives in the Palm Springs, CA area where she spends as much time as possible in nature with her two kids. Bridgette has raised her kids with healthy lifestyle principles. They contribute to her recipes and share her love of fresh, local foods and the fulfillment taking care of our health provides. Bridgette grew up in a home where most of the food was not only home prepared, but also grown at home. Organic small farming, composting and solar energy were a way of life she thought were the norm for everyone. It is her awareness of the positive differences these concepts have made for her and her family's lives that drives her passion to assist others in reaching for their health goals.


  • Digestive wellness

  • Food allergies & intolerance

  • Healthy cooking / meal planning

  • Diet and Detoxification

  • Elimination diets

Palm Spring, CA

Bridgette Becker
Therapeutic Certified Nutrition
Consultant, Yoga Instructor & HHP