Quick Facts: Gut Health

At Taproot Energetics, gut health is one of our passions and driving inspirations. We truly believe that health begins and ...
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Your Breath is an Elixir

Burned out, overworked, stressed and overwhelmed are all adjectives I hear on a regular basis from clients, friends and sometimes ...
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Relax Your Way to Better Health

Every day, I encounter variations of a similar story. I hear the story of how a productivity driven culture and ...
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Effort and Ease

Sustainability is one of my core guiding principles. It is a way of measuring every part of my life to ...
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Castor Oil Cures

What can castor oil do for you? Over the years I have maintained castor oil as a trusted friend. It’s ...
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The Buzz About Apple Cider Vinegar

I have countless people ask on a regular basis if Apple Cider Vinegar will really work for weight loss and ...
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6 Tips to Support Digestion

I am approached with questions regarding digestion, nutrient absorption and elimination regularly. Digestive issues are extremely common. There are more ...
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The conversation and questions surrounding GMO foods has been increasing and building. What I often hear is frustration and confusion ...
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Wisdom in Injury

I was on an extended hike recently and one mile from the finish, I rolled my ankle. I had been ...
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Gluten Free or Celiac?

More and more people are making the switch to gluten-free living. For some, it is because they notice a discernible ...
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Food List for FODMAPS

This is a list distinguishing low and high FODMAPS foods. Please take into consideration that not everything on the list ...
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Energy to Go!

In our household, schedules are often a delicately timed production. I continue to be amazed at how much my kids ...
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First Steps

“What we call the secret of happiness is no more than our willingness to choose life” –Leo Buscaglia I am ...
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Hydration is Key

Water truly is the key to life. With our fast paced lives, we often forget to drink and proper hydration ...
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The Simplest Medicine

There is one consistent and reliable practice that will always stop me from a downward spiral and set my day ...
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Palm Spring, CA

Bridgette Becker
Therapeutic Certified Nutrition
Consultant, Yoga Instructor & HHP